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Complementary Liability Company “Business-Inform” was founded in December 2005.

The mission of our company is to supply all participators of food, construction markets and exporting companies with total, correct and timely information. Also, we promote our client’s goods and services to the markets that are interesting for them.

The purpose of our company is rendering a full complex of informational service on food, construction and exporting markets.

This website was created to achieve our main purpose is rendering a full complex of informational service on food, construction and exporting markets. We achieve this purpose on our website in real-time mode.


If your company produces or exports production/service in the Republic of Belarus or searches for partners to cooperate both in Belarus and abroad, then you are welcome on B2B Internet portal “Business-Inform”. Using it you can:

  • Post information about your products/services in our informational catalogues “Business-Foodstuffs”, “Business-Construction” and “Business-Export”.
  • Let your partners know of all news about your company.
  • Find suppliers and buyers in Belarus and abroad without leaving your own office.
  • Find a large amount of cooperation offers from Belarusian and foreign companies.
  • Advertise your products/services among thousands of companies from all continents seven days a week, 24 hours a day. 
  • Hold an interrogation of home and foreign audience.
  • Learn about national and international exhibitions and conferences in proper time.
  • Save your time and money.

Advertising in editions of “Business-Inform” company is a complex of services; the client receives simultaneously advertising placement in printed, electronic and on-line-versions. Marketing researches report that all three formats of databases are demanded by users who search the information of the goods and services.

Our catalogues are convenient and reliable assistants in business due to the free-of-charge address delivery in offices to advertisers and their target audience, to participants of exhibitions and business-seminars, to banks, business centers, to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and diplomatic representatives in the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Business-Foodstuffs” – annual business-catalogue:
  • Information about more than 9 000 companies and organizations
  • Electronic version on CD-ROM
  • On-line: http: // www.b-info.by/catalogue/food/
  • The edition - 11 000 copies (printed version + CD)
“Business-Construction” - annual business-catalogue:

“Business-Export” - annual international business-catalogue:

The purpose is to assist contacts establishment of the Belarus companies with the foreign business partners who are interested in purchase of the Belarusian goods, services and investment projects.

Complementary Liability Company
 Melezh str., 1, office 401
Minsk, 220113, Belarus
Tel.: (+375 17) 262 09 93



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